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UK Early Years teacher trained to teach 3-7 year olds (Nursery - Year 2), currently doing supply work in both Independent and State schools in a wide variety of roles. Sometimes I'm the teacher, sometimes I'm a teaching assistant gaining experience in Key Stage 2. NO day is ever the same!

My training to become an Early Years teacher took the form of a PGCE and prior to this I did a degree in Childhood Studies. This course provided insight and practical experiences into many aspects affecting childhood (0-18 years) and really heightened my interest in the Early Years domain. My dissertation focused on the Early Years Foundation Stage and two areas of learning that are not often brought together in learning. My research involved talking to teachers, as well as questionnaires to discover how each setting used these two areas of learning independently and together (if at all). The results were VERY interesting.

As well as all this, I am an avid fan and participant in outdoor pursuits and sports. I regularly take hikes, go climbing, caving etc in my local area (or beyond), as well as playing Netball for a local team. Netball I've learned is full of teachers and support staff! These interests have had a huge impact on my teaching philosophy of education. AND (and?) with all that, to top it off I am also a graphics designer (amateur - fan art anyone?) and coder, which comes in handy for making resources!! :)

Thanks for reading.

P.S. I also do volunteer work when I have some free time!!

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Presenting our Fourth Grade Zoo - the final PBL project of the year for my classroom! 

Throughout this project, students completed the following activities:

  1. An entry event involving a simulation of camouflage.
  2. Guided research of five ecosystems: tundra, rainforest, desert, temperate forest, and grassland.
  3. Exposure to various readings, videos, and online games and simulations related to animal adaptations, ecosystems, and natural selection.
  4. A simulation involving different kinds of bird beaks and animal diets.
  5. Construction of life-sized animals for our tie-in to the math standard of conversion of measurement. 
  6. Creation of original sketches of animals with one adaptation for each of the five ecosystems studied. 
  7. With the assistance of the art teacher, creation of wire armatures coated with tin foil, then covering in plaster and painting with water colors.
  8. Formal literacy task on their animal and its adaptations, taking students through the entire writing process (final copies pictured above).
  9. Final sketch of their animal with its adaptations labeled.
  10. Notecards for their presentations and practice public speaking. We presented to family and community members tonight and will have our zoo open to the other students on Tuesday of next week.

Documents I created that you are free to take!

If you would like any more information or a list of additional resources I have gathered throughout the course of the project, I am more than wiling to share!

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What are dyslexia, dyscalculia, dyspraxia and dysgraphia?


These excellent visuals come from (website seems to be down at time of writing) and offer a quick reference for teachers and others to identify signs of the above conditions.





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Source: theinsidelane

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27 Attention-Getters For Quieting A Noisy Classroom →


Most of these are for elementary. Fun and creative Ideas for bringing on the quiet.

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Just Thought I Would Let You Know….

I’m back!!

I absolutely loved my time in Ireland teaching English as a Foreign Language to Spanish and Italian teenagers. It was a blast. I met so many amazing people from around the world, learned so much about myself and in a way, I feel like I have grown as a person and as a teacher.

Not sure when I have time to update this blog with my experience, especially when I realise I have a huge drafts folder of things you lovely people have posted and I mean to re-blog. My posts JUST have to have tags on them. Easy, but…one of those things I guess!!

Anyways, I managed to secure myself some supply work in a nursery for most of August and September, which will keep me busy and wondering how I managed to balance my very busy diary in the first place.

Laters all!!

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Ideas for lesson activities/games etc for Teaching English as a Foreign Language?

If you have read one of my previous posts, I am spending my summer helping at a Language School for Spainish & Italian teenagers and I am currently in planning mode!

Any ideas, links (or advice) would be much appreciated :D

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I Made A Water Wall Today!!

Buckets, sieves, tubes, pipes and other items the children use during water play, I just tied some of them to the fence with string - Kids loved it!

I admit, I loved making it too :D

I really, really hope it is still there tomorrow…

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Cars & Bikes

Too much?

I’ll explain… the playground outside the Nursery building is timetables for set playtimes 3 times a day, but apart from that, the Early Years Department can use it. Now, I’m beginning to see a theme when it comes to Outdoor Play in this area of the School: Cars & Bikes. To me, they are used too much. They are always out and if not, they come out. The children beg for them constantly.

I would like something different: Other resources, or maybe an afternoon with no resources, letting using use their imaginations and the natural environment. Cars & Bikes are so limiting and take up so much of the playground that other children’s interests and activities often end up being limited to a small area, so they aren’t in the way.

What do you think?

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It Is Official!!

I’ll be spending my summer volunteering at a Language School in Ireland, teaching English and organising activities for Spanish and Italian teenagers over a 4 week period. :D

Going to do a little bit of travelling after, as well.


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